New Weight Lifting Gloves by MyNextPump Ventilated Palm Protection, Extra Grip, Built-In Wrist Wraps, Great for Weightlifting, Cross Training, & Fitness, for Men & Women (Mesh Bag Included) (Medium)

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We’re bringing you top quality Equipment that has been tried and tested by industry pro’s. Bundled up with comfort and convenience to give you the best experience possible… Features listed Below

Mesh Bag “its like Magic”-
These gloves are ideal for those of you who are tired of carrying around so much stuff in your gym bags already.

Two is Always Better than One!-
Not only are they a space saver but they’re also two exercise equipment that are needed wrapped up into One. The Combination of both Enhances all of your workouts helping you reach your goals. Making these gloves by MyNextPump a NO BRAINER for those of you who are serious about Achieving your Personal Goals.

Be Gone with the Smell, Bring in the Style-
Say Goodbye to your old smelly gloves that barely even work. The gloves here at MyNextPump are great, are Breathable, and come with their very own carry around Breathable Mesh Bag.

What’s Better than Breaking Records?-
The Silicone Non-Slip Grip material that these gloves come with will bring your workouts to the Next Level. Each day you will be doing better than the last, and breaking all of your personal records day by day.

Hello “C” – Goodbye “C”-
Comfort and Calluses are the two things that most all Bodybuilders, Cross Fitness, Powerlifters, and Athletes in general are concerned about. MyNextPump Guarantees that these gloves will fix both. No more having to deal with the annoying hand sores that Calluses cause. And No more having to buy glove after glove trying to find one that FITS AND IS COMFORTABLE.VERSATILITY- There’s nothing better than investing in equipment that has multiple uses. This is where MyNextPump brings you the most innovative exercise gloves on the market today. With fitness in mind we bring you the all New 2 In 1 Exercise glove and Wrist Wrap combination.
USABILITY- With the 2 in 1 combination that these gloves have, It makes it perfect for almost all push and pull exercises. Ideal for Pull-ups, Kettlebell swings, Benchpress, Powerlifting, Muscle Ups,, Deadlifts, Dumbbells, Power Cleans, and Rope Climbing. Suitable for Workout Athletes and Every Fitness Enthusiast!
FIGHT THE CALLUSES- When it comes to weight lifting there is one thing that annoys and frustrates everyone at one point or another. No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro Callus are known as an athlete’s worst nightmare.That is where MyNextPump has your back. With these gloves at your side there is no need to worry about those bothersome callus, or ever losing your Grip again because…
STYLE / QUALITY- These gloves are made with Comfort and Performance in mind above all else. Designed to enhance your workouts and to make the athlete within you shine. Anti-Slip gel material makes for NO MORE slippery hands with no grip, NO MORE sweaty smelly gloves, NO MORE half workouts. It’s time for you to finally have a REAL workout.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- Feel free to ask us any questions and we will be sure to answer them promptly. For more information visit MyNextPump on our website

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