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Beginner’s Home Muscle Building And Cardio Workout

The one “trick” to get granite hard six pack abs.

What’s up guys,

It’s Mike Chang and today we’re going to be doing an at home muscle building workout for beginners. This workout is not only going to build muscle, it is also going to be a cardio workout. This workout will help you get shredded with six pack abs.

0:39 If you want to learn how to do each exercise, I made another video showing you how to do each one. Click on the video and go or get ready to sweat!

Let’s do this!

Workout breakdown:
***No Rest Until You Absolutely Need It
4 Rounds of Each Exercise and 30 Seconds Per Exercise.
Push ups
Bent Over Rows
Upright Rows
Squat & Press
Close Grip Push Ups
Mountain Climbers
Toe Touches

Remember do 30 seconds of each exercise and then move on to the next one. Rotate in order until you complete 4 rounds.

And if you want some crazy tips on how to chisel your abs:

I am happy to say I like the body I have today, but I wasn’t always this happy. I failed over and over trying to get the body I wanted and I almost completely gave up. But I found something that finally worked for me. This one “trick” is the reason that I have six pack abs and a ripped body today.

You don’t have to recreate the wheel, just use the one “trick” that tons and tons of other guys have already used to build crazy abs.

You deserve to know:

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The ketogenic diet is a diet that has become very popular in the diet and weight loss industry which has resulted in many people switching to a ketogenic diet for weight loss results which seems to work very rapidly in burning excess body fat.

But a lot of people belief that the fat you eat is the fat you wear but this is complete misinformation as shown by so many people who have embarked on the ketogenic diet and got great weight loss results time and time again.

So i wanted to share full with you the scientific reasons as to why people get amazing weight loss results on the ketogenic diet due to four hormonal changes in the body with insulin, gherlin, leptin and cortisol plus an additional reason that is non hormone related.

I also share with you why some people get great weight loss benefits on a high carb diet and why a lot of people also gain weight on this diet, why the ketogenic diet is very similar to fasting for weight loss, why a high fat high carb diet is the worst diet for weight loss and much more.


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Day – 1 challenge diet and workout in tamil – Weight loss challenge vedeo in tamil


இந்த வீடியோவில் one month challenge வீடியோவிற்க்கான முதல் நாள் challenge போடப்பட்டுள்ளது


Psychotic Muscle Building Workout

Get ripped FASTER with Afterburn Fuel:

In todays video, I’m going to show you how to truly do an all out intense muscle building workout. This video is going to show you how to apply some key tips for intensity and get you huge and muscular.

I want you to experience the full effect of this workout with me, so train right along side with me to feel true intensity.

3 Ways to Increase Intensity in your workouts

1. full range of motion (especially on the last few reps of your set)

2. Drop Sets at the end of every exercise (fully exhaust your muscles)

3. Shorten your rest time WITHOUT lifting lighter (try to keep it under 60 seconds)

Workout breakdown:

**4 exercises with 4 sets each / Complete each set with a drop set.

**Drop sets are when you decrease weight to complete another full set without rest. Keep decreasing weight until there is no more weight to drop.

1:40 Take Afterburn Fuel and begin workout

2:10 Pull-ups

5:07 Bent over rows

11:40 Deadlifts

15:59 Dumbbell pullovers

Remember that training with full intensity is the key to building some quality muscle. So train hardcore intense every time and if you need a insane boost to your workout, make sure you chug down some pre-workout before your workout.

And if you want to get access to the supplement I personally take before EVERY workout to amp up my intensity, you’ve got to check out Afterburn Fuel:

It’s designed to give you clean, focused energy for working out, so pushing yourself is much easier and more enjoyable. I’ve been personally using it for over a year now, and on Saturday I’m making it available to YOU for the first time.

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And make sure to check back tomorrow for another insane INTENSITY WEEK video.

Until then…

Train hard,