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Herbalife World Record Workout Routine | #WorldWorkout – March 7 2015

Join people around the world as they commit to getting fit. Be a part of the largest workout in Herbalife history and help set a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® achievement for the most participants in a HIIT* Workout in 24 hours.

This is your chance to help set the #WorldWorkout record, enjoy a great workout and help a great cause: Herbalife Family Foundation. Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) is a 501(C) (3), a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children by helping charitable organizations provide healthy nutrition to children in need. Additionally, HFF often supports relief efforts in response to catastrophic natural disasters around the world.

You can get involved anywhere in the world. Get all the details from or join the Herbalife #WorldWorkout event on Facebook to find friends in your neighborhood who have already committed to taking part: Watch the #WorldWorkout video here on YouTube or, if you’re an Independent Herbalife Member, download a copy here:

All around the world, people who embrace an healthy, active life will be completing the #WorldWorkout at 9 a.m. local time on March 7, 2015. The special workout designed by Herbalife Director of Fitness Education, Samantha Clayton and is suitable for all abilities. Surrounding yourself with friends and colleagues will help make your #WorldWorkout memorable and even more fun.
Samantha Clayton will be leading a special #WorldWorkout session from Nokia Plaza at L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles at 9 a.m. PST on March 7, 2015. Wherever you are – make a date to join Samantha as she leads a group of thousands to complete the #WorldWorkout. You can join Samantha in real time by streaming the live #WorldWorkout session. Take a look at for details.The #WorldWorkout benefits the Herbalife Family Foundation, which provides good nutrition to more than 121,000 children around the globe every day. Visit to register today and take part in this fun GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® achievement for the most participants in a HIIT* Workout in 24 hours.

Joining the Herbalife #WorldWorkout is easy:
1. Register as an individual or a group at
2. Bookmark the #WorldWorkout video and practice with it, so you can easily follow the routine on March 7, 2015.
3. Designate two non-participants in your #WorldWorkout group. The first will need to take pictures to document the event and share on social media using the hashtag: #WorldWorkout on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The other will need to verify the number of people participating.
4. Invite your friends, family and colleagues to participate and help set the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® achievement for the most participants in a HIIT* Workout in 24 hours.
5. Share your excitement. Tell everyone how you’re preparing for #WorldWorkout by joining our Herbalife Facebook event here:

*(most participants in a High Intensity Interval Training in 24 hours in multiple venues)

Music provided by Patch Bay Studio. Purchasing links to be provided shortly.


How To Lose Weight by Running

How To Lose Weight by Running
at what time it comes to trailing the extra pound for good, running is the perfect training alternative. In information running is the ideal cardiovascular exercise. It sheds additional pound than any additional preparation program. Not merely that, it’ll increase your health level, create you seem younger and sexier, decrease the probability of cardiovascular problem, get better your output and in general well being. The list goes on.
How To Lose Weight by Running
yet, if you try to do too a great deal too soon then there’s a stronger possibility to get upset, thus lose the eagerness for the preparation and obtain back to your old behavior. Lots of health enthusiast do lose the weight by running, but they increase it all rear due to injury or burnouts.
As a consequence, at this time are 2 training rule to help you lose the utmost weight with no running the risk of wound or suffer exhaustion.
create slowly and do not hurry yourself. It is sensible that you see your physician before you start running; you should also measure your blood force, corpse mass index, How To Lose Weight by Running? cholesterol height, plus blood darling level previous to you create running.
following your physician gives you the obvious, you can place on your running shoes and create out by at first combining jog with walking; you can exchange walking for five minutes with jogging intended for two minutes. After some occasion, you be supposed to add to your running time till you are clever to jog for at least 20 minutes at a time. It is only when your corpse can endure jogging for 20 minutes at a time that you should endeavour to increase your jogging coldness. How To Lose Weight by Running.
though, if you contain been livelihood a very inactive life previous to the start of your organization exercises, you be supposed to start off by attractive in only walking; as of ordinary walking you after that development to brisk walking previous to you then add some jogging to your walking. Also, if you be a disgustingly inactive plump person previous to the onset of running, you would contain to development slowly so so as to you do not damagephysically as your before inactive musculoskeletal scheme will not adapt to your new level of activity rapidly.
How To Lose Weight by Running.


Pump It Up Dance Workout 2014, Pump It Up The Ultimate Dance Workout, zumba Dance Workout [Part 2]

Pump It Up The Ultimate Dance Workout 2014 Full, Pump It Up The Ultimate Dance Workout Body Burn,Pump It Up Dance Workout 2014, Pump It Up The Ultimate Dance Workout, Aerobic Dance Workout
Pump It Up – The Ultimate Dance Workout’ mixes dance music with aerobic exercise.Accompanied by the girls from the video Deanne goes through a warm-up, 3 dance workouts and a chill-out cool-down.
Franky Wedge (black top to left)
Laura Muncey (blue top)
Laura J Smith (dark haired woman in front)
Laura Bowley (yellow skirt)
Rosy Hawkins (black top, red shorts in back)
Juan Pablo Dipace

1. American Dream – Jakatta 0:01:46
2. Stand Back – Linus Loves 0:04:35
3. Somebody To Love – Boogie Pimps 0:08:51
4. Loneliness – Tomcraft 0:12:05
5. Satisfaction – Benny Benassi 0:15:25
6. Let The Sunshine – Milk & Sugar 0:20:54
7. Pump It Up – Danzel 0:27:45
8. Do You Know – Angel City 0:33:01
9. Every Little Time – Onyx 0:36:27
10. Sunshine After The Rain – Bel Air feat. Lisa 0:41:22
11. Pasilda – Afro Medusa 0:46:01


Strength Training & Balance Workout: Steve Jordan

Strength Training & Balance Workout with Steve Jordan is a 15 minute fat-burning strength workout that features a circuit of single-leg exercises designed to enhance your balance, build power and ignite weight loss potential for a full body sculpt! Challenge multiple major muscle groups simultaneously and tighten your core to uncover definition from head to toe. Turn up the intensity and fight through the burn as you work the arms, legs, glutes, abs, chest, shoulders, obliques and back with Celebrity, Trainer, Public Speaker and Posture Perfect Program Creator, Steve Jordan. Scorch away calories and become your best with result-driven exercises like single leg chop to lunges, single leg chair squats, single leg bent-over dumbbell rows, single leg chair lunge to bicep curl/ presses and single leg hops that will shrink the waistline and leave you feeling strong! You will need a bottle of water, a towel, a set of dumbbells and a sturdy chair or bench to complete this routine that can be modified to fit any skill level by adjusting rest periods, reps, weight, depth of motion and form. Don’t forget to hydrate between sets. Whether you are at home, at work, at the gym, or on the beach, you will never be too far away from your goals with this 10 minute fat scorcher. Click here for more “Go Anywhere” Workouts:


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Zero Calorie Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight Fast

Zero calorie foods for weight loss. What does that even mean? Do I have to eat salad all-day every!? Absolutely-not!
What makes a food “zero calories?”
The theory of zero calorie foods is that the body will burn more calories metabolizing and cooking the food than the calories the food contains.
This is a process called thermogenesis, and it’s how your body heats itself-up.
So it doesn’t mean that the food literally contains ZERO calories. It does contain some calories, but the body-burns off more calories eating and digesting the food than the food itself contains

Cool, right?
So make sure you add more of these foods to your diet any chance you get!  They will keep you away from calories and still fill you-up.
Celery has long been touted as a zero calorie food. It is a good source of Vitamin-K and water, so it can be filling. However, there is an obvious problem with this food: It has virtually no-taste. People tend to add peanut butter or cream fillings to this snack, which runs-up the calorie count. To maximize the benefits, eat celery with your meal in soups or in your green-smoothies.
Calories per cup – 16 calories.

There’s simply no better-way to say it: Eat. More. Kale.
It is considered one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet and contains high amounts of Vitamin-A, Vitamin-K, Vitamin-C, antioxidants, and has been shown to lower cholesterol.
The best ways to consume more kale are through green smoothies, adding them to salads, or by making kale-chips!
Calories per cup – 33 calories
Cucumbers are a delicious nutrient powerhouse. They contain polyphenols that reduce the rates of cancer and can help manage stress levels because they contain multiple B-vitamins. Because cucumbers primarily consist of water and fiber, they also provide support to the body’s digestive-health.
Throw them on a delicious low-calories salad or enjoy them in a refreshing glass of cucumber-water!
Calories per cup – 16 calories
Watermelon is a delicious, low-calorie treat that can be enjoyed without the guilt. Not only is it naturally sweet, but it contains many antioxidants and is low in calories.
Make sure that 1 or 2 cups worth doesn’t turn into a dozen.  A strategic way to eat watermelon is to save it for after your dinner for a healthy

Calories per cup – 47 calories.
Apples are one of the healthiest fruits on the planet, containing antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and even pectin (which has been shown to reduce hunger).
Eating an apple can be a great snack between lunch and dinner because it will keep the body full while providing a small energy-boost.
Calories per cup – 57 calories. 

Broccoli is a superfood with the ability to lower the risk of cancer, raise vitamin D, C and K, provide healthy-fiber, and it even contains a small amount of protein. Broccoli also provides the unique benefits of lowering inflammation, helping with stress, and detoxifying the body.  
Calories per cup – 30 calories