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A 4-Minute Workout to Slim Down Your Legs

If you want to slim down your legs and get the body of your dreams ready for the summer, this video is just for you. You can make your legs slimmer, sexier, and more toned in just three months with the help of this simple 4-minute morning workout. You can try this super effective workout right now as you watch this video! Save it to your favorites to go back to it whenever you want.

Before every workout, even a short one, it’s extremely important to get your body ready. It’s called a “warm-up” for a reason: it increases your blood circulation which, in turn, warms up your muscles to prevent injury. The best way to warm up your body in the morning and prepare it for a leg workout is jogging in place.
We’re gonna begin with lunges. With any exercise, form is key. As for lunges, it’s important to get into the right starting position to perform them correctly.
Outer thigh lifts strengthen your hips and, obviously, your outer thighs.
Frog jumps exercise also has an “afterburner” effect, which means that even after you finish doing it, calories continue to be burnt throughout the next 24 hours.

EDM Detection Mode – Kevin MacLeod
Inevitable – Diamond Ortiz
Seven Twenty – Diamond Ortiz
Wild Pogo – Francis Preve

#1 Warm-up: jogging in place 0:31
#2 Bodyweight lunges 1:59
#3 Outer thigh lifts 3:39
#4 Plié slides 5:07
#5 Frog jumps 6:46
Summing it all up 8:38

-Start by doing kick-backs. This is basically jogging in such a way that your heels touch your butt. Keep doing this for 15 seconds. After that, jog in place while lifting your knees up to waist-level. This is called high-knee marching.
-Lunges aren’t just great at sculpting the legs. They also provide you with improved balance as well as better flexibility in your spine and hip flexor muscle.
-With your right leg straight and planted against the mat, slowly lift your left leg.
Keep it in the air for a couple of seconds, then lower it back down.
-Plié slides will chisel your inner and outer thighs as well as your quads and glutes. Besides toning the legs, plié slides also strengthen the lower body.
-Since frog jumps are a plyometric exercise, you burn calories extremely fast. This helps your legs slim down by sculpting and tightening your thighs.
-Altogether, this leg workout comes to just a hair over 4 minutes. You’ll see great results after 3 months of exercise.

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Walking Exercise: Stride and Step – Full Length 30-Minute Indoor Walking Workout With A Step

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Walking. Free workout video! Step up your indoor walk with the use of a step! Join certified fitness instructor Jessica Smith live from home for this fun, easy to follow fat burning indoor walking workout that uses basic steps to burn more calories and amp up your walk.

Music By: MotionTraxx.com

Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Equipment (not required): Step, 1-2 risers depending on level
Intensity: Moderate

30-Minute Power Walk
30-Minute Indoor Interval Walk/Jog
40-Minute Indoor Jogging

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4 Steps to Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week

How to lose fat quickly? How to get the perfect body with no diet?
It’s hard to believe, but you can shape your body and lose belly fat in just a week. All you need to do is follow four simple steps.
Movement is life. Experts proved that interval training or combining two types of exercise is more effective. How often and how much you exercise is also very important. You must be organized about this: make a schedule and follow it day by day. Find a fitness-positive friend who will support your efforts or join you in the gym. The competitive style of training will have a very positive outcome.
You control your whole life, so why don’t you start controlling your whole body! Plus, remember that human body is 80% water and it’s essential to nourish it.
Many famous actors follow the protein-rich diet to prepare their bodies for the key role of their life. Don’t skip dinner ever again. Alcohol will make you fat too.
Stop stressing about your weight. The more you think about it, the more you keep yourself preoccupied with something that cannot be solved with a wave of a magic stick. You have to understand that everything takes more or less time.

Never stop moving. 1:09
Hydrate smartly. 3:00
Eat healthy. 4:28
Chill out and drive out the stress. 7:35

#loseweight #trainingset #nodiet

-Jogging, running, biking, swimming — anything that gets your heart rate up – will do. It will help you burn calories and improve your health, too. Download a program that will help you track your activities, stay motivated, and never skip training again.
-Drinking your daily recommended amount of water will help you control your metabolic rate and digest food faster. However, avoid sugar-sweetened drinks.
-Be sure to include a good protein source at every meal, such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy. If weight loss is your goal, then adding protein is perhaps the single most effective change you can do to your diet.
-Sleeping for 5 or less hours per night increases visceral fat level. Good sleep every night will help your body stay at natural rhythm and keep metabolism regulated.

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The ketogenic diet is a diet that has become very popular in the diet and weight loss industry which has resulted in many people switching to a ketogenic diet for weight loss results which seems to work very rapidly in burning excess body fat.

But a lot of people belief that the fat you eat is the fat you wear but this is complete misinformation as shown by so many people who have embarked on the ketogenic diet and got great weight loss results time and time again.

So i wanted to share full with you the scientific reasons as to why people get amazing weight loss results on the ketogenic diet due to four hormonal changes in the body with insulin, gherlin, leptin and cortisol plus an additional reason that is non hormone related.

I also share with you why some people get great weight loss benefits on a high carb diet and why a lot of people also gain weight on this diet, why the ketogenic diet is very similar to fasting for weight loss, why a high fat high carb diet is the worst diet for weight loss and much more.


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